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Are you a coffee drinker? If yes then this article might be of interest to you. If not, don’t worry; you may still enjoy reading it.

The question, do we need more coffee shops? came into my mind after counting and observing that at least 15 coffee shops are all operating literally in one street. If you happen to live in Muscat City, then you probably know the street I am referring to.

Anyway, I am sure you have come across different types of similar businesses operating perfectly fine next to each other. That might be due to various reasons for example being closer to potential customers or, there could be specific regulations that mandates such situations.

However, in my opinion, the case of coffee shops is a bit extraordinary Imust say. Now more than ever, people are more drawn to the culture of coffee shops and coffee chats in general. The lifestyle among young people and adults as well, has changed. This haspositively influenced the industry.

Therefore, do coffee shop owners willingly choose to operate close to their direct competitors? Is it a smart move? Well, I can’t be the judge to that unless I have access to their financial records which I don’t.However, the key point to keep in mind if you are planning to start a business in a highly competitive market is the “Added Value”. What is the new fundamental element thatyou are bringing to the market ? How are you going to do it differently. consumers still have the appetite for new products/ services in the market with added value.

Another key point to keep in mind is the LOCATION! A crucial factor in determining the success of a coffee shop. Yes! the market has the appetite for it but maybe tapping into new locations is something worth exploring. Moreover, every coffee shop has its own ambience and quality of beverages and service offered. So, to answer the question when we started this article, yes, I can conclude that there is a need for more, coffee shops preferably in new untapped feasible locations. Yes, we do.

Imtithal Al Ryiami

Imtithal Al Ryiami

Project Specialist


Entrepreneurship Myths: Strong Start

Entrepreneurship, the journey that starts with a spark of an innovative idea and passion to make a difference and provide something unique, is full of challenges and obstacles, however, with proper planning many, if not all, of the challenges can be avoided and resolved with the least possible damages. There are many Entrepreneurship Myths that sometimes kills the business much earlier than the expected life cycle. In this sequence of articles, I will share with you some of the ”Myths” that might not be always true.

In today’s article we will highlight on the idea that “To start a strong Business I need to invest High Capital”. Some business owners thinks that in order for a business to be competitive it has to start with a big team of employees, multiple production lines, huge infrastructure, and luxurious, huge borrowing, etc. While some businesses might need to incur some of these expenses, others will be able to sustain without the same. It is important to highlight that any item has a cost to the business and that cost implies the need for extra efforts to get income that will cover those costs.

A Business life cycle goes through different stages and many small businesses are unable to survive within the first few years of their inception. It is vital to start the business at the right time with the right resources. It is significant to avoid burdening the business with unnecessary expenses and liabilities. Planned step by step expansion is much better than heavily investing at the early stage.

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Umaima Al Ghadani

Umaima Al Ghadani

Investment Manager- Sharakah