Post Finance

Implementation: Monitoring the performance Responsibility Frequency
Handing Over:
  1. Prepare handover docs and transfer the entire project file to the Project Specialist (Sharakah).
  2. Prepare a schedule of renewing insurance, rental agreement and all other licenses.
Sharakah Once
Visit Schedule and Reporting:
  1. Prepare visit schedule as per requirement depending on the project location and projected milestones (minimum 2 visits per year).
  2. Send the schedule to DGM and discuss at weekly project meeting.
Sharakah Once
Monitor Project Performance
  1. Review, analyze and update financial statements monthly/quarterly (including bank statements).
  2. Review and update business plan when required including the worksheets and if needed the marketing plan.
  3. Use the Business Performance Monitoring Tool (BPMT) to conduct evaluation and produce a report.
Sharakah Quarterly
Capacity Building
  1. Suggest what training courses the client or their employees can take.
  2. If needed, train the client to understand and prepare the monthly cash flow statement.
  3. Guide client to improve their business performance by upgrading technology, process and procedures.
Sharakah Quarterly
Promoting the Client Business
  1. Identifying relevant events that the client can attend (Conference, Exhibition or Seminars).
  2. Encourage the client to have web presence and link it to our website.
  3. Upload client information on our website and write success stories and press releases as appropriate
Sharakah Quarterly